Re: First Reformed

I loved it. I dunno I saw it less of a continuation of Taxi Driver and more of a wrestling match between religion and spiritual. But, hey, that’s me as a man of faith wrestling with the shallowness of Christian culture.

Re: The AMC ad do you remember the trailer for the Star Wars Special Edition?

Watching the X-Wing explode from the tiny TV and splashing across the giant movie screen was the best example of how theaters > home.


The AMC video should have opened with Nicole Kidman walking past some dupe watching Dunkirk on a iPad and just having utter disgust on her face.

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I don't know what this says about me, but I try to see something every week and probably twice this weekend. Also, First Reformed is amazing so thank you for inspiring me to rewatch it.

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This is what people see when they picture going back to the theaters.

It's a movie, but I feel like a lot of folks have this in mind when they consider going to the movies, even when everyone in attendance is either masked or vaccinated.


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