Jan 14 • 51M

Scientifically Measuring Movie Love

Kevin Goetz on how studios determine what will play in movie theaters.

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‘Thirteen Lives’ is great and one of the best-tested movies in MGM’s history … but that still couldn’t net it a wide release.

Kevin Goetz, author of the must-read book Audience-ology, joins me this week to talk about the science of getting audiences to theaters. And, perhaps even more importantly for studios, figuring out which movies are worth spending eight figures to market in the hopes of getting audiences to theaters Can marketing help teach audiences “how” to watch a movie? Why might studios get excited about something as simple as a reply ratio to a free screening before even a single frame of film has unspooled? And how can you measure … movie love?

I mentioned this on the show, but I don’t really listen to a ton of podcasts because I don’t have time, what with all the podcasts I’m doing. But I do carve out time for Kevin’s, which is called Don’t Kill the Messenger. A good introductory point is his episode with Jason Blum, I guarantee you’ll learn a lot. Subscribe to it, leave a rating and a review if you have time: it should be far more popular than it is.

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