It's not just the movies allowed into China. It's the piracy by China that Hollywood allowed by not going after it. Several of the movies I did (obviously not huge "tent poles") were stolen in China, most notably at the time by the son of the Gauleiter, er, I mean Commissar of Shanghai (who was also a member of the Politburo). I found out about that because I have an international presence through a hobby, from a guy in Hong Kong. When I told the producer of the movie, pointing out how much money he was losing, I was told he considered it an "investment in the future" not to complain, so he could get other movies into the country (which didn't happen, as it turned out).

A few years ago, my history of the Chosin Reservoir campaign got optioned by a producer here (my book is far more accurate history than that Chinese Commie propaganda movie they released last year that was their top-grossing movie). He got told by a studio executive who read and liked the book that good as it was, there was no way they could do it, since the Chinese would never forgive them for doing so, and they'd never be able to get their "important" movies allowed into the country. "We'd lose too much money."

Further proof that the average Hollywood studio executive has the moral backbone of a single strand of overcooked Angel Hair pasta.

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I have to say, the skiing/snowboard venue is the worst mountain I've ever seen during the Olympics. It's just man-made snow, surrounded by a bunch of dirt and dead trees. Kim Jong Un could have offered a better venue, how sad.

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