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Hey Sonny, if the writers and actors guilds strikes are resolved in the next month, when will the viewing public fully feel the impacts of the strikes when it comes to TV and movies? And how far/long will the "no new content" desert stretch? Because man, I've hated reality TV* since its inception and that was all we had after the last big strike.

*Except for that one TV show about celebrities working for a billionaire and getting fired. Twas the biggliest, bestest, most amazing show that's ever aired. Everyone's saying it.

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"we don’t really know how many people watched or how many finished or which metric Netflix values most or how the show compared to other specific titles in the specific way that Netflix measures success" - I'm not sure even Netflix knows what shows make people stick with the service vs. what people just watch because they are bored, tired, and don't have the energy to do something else. Additionally, unless people in a household are creating their own profiles, they don't know if the "decision maker" is a Netflix fiend. There is an awful lot of data, but I don't know what you can really glean from "number of watches" or "number of completes". Some people are just masochists and will finish a series because they started it (no matter how bad it is).

I'm guessing Netflix--and the other streamers--have a metric ton of data but I'm not convinced they know what to do with it. One example - I had a Paramount+ account to watch a bit of Star Trek and some Beavis & Butt-Head. The ads I got were absurd. Half the time they were in Spanish (nothing about me or my viewing habits indicates an ability to habla espanol) and 100% of the time they were not even remotely connected to things I'd buy (e.g. a lot of women's products). When an entity has data on you, advertisers almost always want to be sure their pitch has a chance of hitting so the mismatches were confusing at best (I spent more time thinking "why this ad?" then "whatabout this product?")

Admittedly, getting advertising for women's products prior/during Beavis and Butthead introduced a bit of humor to situation (I might or might have imitated the duo) but I sure didn't go to my wife or daughters to say "hey! I saw this ad for pads that YOU ARE GONNA LOVE!".

On the Apple buying ESPN - that makes a remarkable amount of sense. Apple's reach is global and ESPN expertise could be leveraged in all sorts of markets it doesn't touch today (e.g. cricket in India and Pakistan). ESPN's losses would be a rounding error for Apple too.

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"individual successes don’t really matter that much" The streaming concept is also not fair to investors. They need to know if executives are greenlighting junk on a regular basis.

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