Apr 22 • 30M

Going to the Movies: Still the Best Value Around

David Herrin of The Quorum on the value proposition of theaters and why tracking is ticking upward.

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Sonny Bunch
Sonny Bunch on movies, technology, and understanding the next Hollywood
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This week I’m rejoined by David Herrin of The Quorum—a must-visit site for any amateur or professional box office nerd—to talk about a new study The Quorum put together in partnership with The Cinema Foundation about the value proposition of going to the movies. We talked all sorts of stuff on this episode: why audiences are three times more excited to return to theaters now than they were at the same time last year; how going to the movies stacks up against going to concerts and other out-of-the-home events; the percentage of consumers who get concessions; and why Barbie’s surprisingly high unaided awareness might still be a cause for concern.

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