I’m loving Heat 2 and this makes me want to see Beast. Good newsletter all around.

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Regarding "Better Call Saul," Chuck was right about Jimmy, but in the end, Jimmy redeemed himself by becoming Not-Jimmy, by stepping beyond his own limitations to protect The Love Of His Life, regardless of the cost and consequences. The last ten minutes of the final episode - like the last ten minutes of the final episode of "Breaking Bad," in which Walter White saves the one he most corrupted - allowed the characters to regain their humanity through their willingness to pay the cost.

Thinking about it a moment, Kim and Jesse were both people who would have likely had OK lives had neither met the guy they did. They were the ones most fucked over by Saul and Walter White respectively. So the choices of both guys was an attempt to right the worst wrong of the many they committed.

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Aug 20, 2022·edited Aug 20, 2022

I saw Event Horizon in the theater. Twice. After the second viewing I walked out of the theater firm in my belief that the first three-quarters of the film made for one of the best-ever sci-fi/horror flicks, whereas the last quarter of the film virtually negated the stellar first 75%. But I'd rewatch it now all these years later for that terrific and terrifying first three-quarters.

Edit: Sam Neill is great. He's starred in three wildly different horror films, each of which I like to some degree--Dead Calm, In the Mouth of Madness, and Event Horizon.

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