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Literally took my 14yo to see a new 35mm print of BLAZING SADDLES before Covid.

With the caveat that as the child of a screenwriter, he’s been exposed to more cinema narrative than the typical teen, his reactions were:

1. Funny, but didn’t get some references (got the Bugs Bunny, not some of the Western tropes);

2. Surprised a lot of the college crowd didn’t see the racial humor as “obviously” anti-racist;

3. Had huge problems with the misogyny, especially the “Number 7” joke

4. Laughed til he cried at the campfire scene

5. Was confused by but enjoyed the 4th wall break at the conclusion, minus the gay stereotyping


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I rewatched Bull Durham today and fell in love with it all over again. Perhaps what I love is the Americanness of. It’s precisely because it’s about quintessentially American things that it works so well, foreign audiences be damned!

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For the record I introduced my then 15 year old to Blazing Saddles and while some things may have gone over his head - farting around the campfire and slapstick is timeless.

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I enjoyed hearing the interview with Shelton. And re Bull Durham - the scenes are so rich in detail. A fabulous movie. And remove Susan Sarandon as Annie and it is hard to see how you get to the same marvelous place (Sarandon was NOT on the approved actress list at first). And then - imagine Anthony Michael Hall as Effie Calvin Laloush. Nope does not work.

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There are sooo many great baseball movies. Love of the game, The Natural, Major League (1&2), 42, 61*, FoD, and of course BD. I wouldn't say it's the best baseball flick, I would say its one of the funnier looks into baseball you will ever see, particularly when it comes to the superstitions these guys choose to engage in...great stuff.

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I only just saw it. It's been a bubbling around in the cultural zeitgeist for a while, but I'd never watched. I liked it. But I liked Pig better. But I'm just one of those types of people.

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Somehow I missed Blazing Saddles as a kid, despite my dad’s repeat recommendation... in my early 30s I tried a few times (when DVDs via post were a thing) but couldn’t get through more than 20 minutes without even a smile haha

Adding Bill Durham to my rewatch list... thanks Sonny! Thief was a great rec, fantastic movie

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